Christmas really is the most wonderful time of year! This is a season of celebration that is marked by miracles. That’s why young and old alike find it so easy to believe in the impossible and even the absurd, like flying reindeer! This is a time of year when faith and expectation is rising in hearts. From the virgin birth, to the star in the east, the birth of Jesus Christ is surrounded with God’s ability to do the impossible. A miracle is a supernatural display of God’s power in the affairs of men. The Miracle of Christmas was the merging of God and man in Bethlehem’s manger. When we could not get to God, He came to us. Now that is a miracle! God is still in the miracle working business. He is not a “has been”. Anything He has done, He can still do, and He will do it for you! This Christmas let the hope of Heaven flood your soul, becaus nothing is impossible for God!