One of the very first and most important things we learn in elementary school is the ability to tell time. Time tells us where we should be and what we should be doing at a given moment. We go to work or school at a specific time and we come back home at a specific time. We generally eat, sleep, and do a host of other activities at a set time. But get this no matter how much time passes or how many days go by, the only moment we will ever be in, is the “NOW”! Don’t let the pain of your past or the instability of the future steal, kill, and destroy the only moment you can ever live in, and that moment is right NOW. The power of God is present in this place right now, the promises of God are true right now, you have a praise in your heart God cannot wait to hear right now! Your Father in heaven has scheduled your deliverance, salvation, healing, breakthrough, and victory for right NOW!