Force is defined as active power or strength exerted. Think about the ocean and the incredible forces it generates in the form of waves. But there is a force that generates much more power than any tsunami the ocean could ever unleash. A force Jesus Himself operated in every single day to overflow and overthrow the devils deluge. A force that gives us favor with God. A force that sets you apart and marks your life for a manifestation of God’s power and provision. I am talking about a force called FAITH! Most believers never even begin to touch the power and potential of this mountain moving force our heavenly Father has placed within each of us. Faith is the seed of Gods ability, implanted in your heart, to empower your life. Force is a power that when applied results in acceleration. Faith is God’s way of accelerating you into a life of divine destiny and purpose bigger than anything you could hope for or dream of! The supernatural force of faith has the power to produce REAL VICTORY in your life today!