Vision for Victory

In the summer of 2004 God began to birth a passion and the vision for Victory Church in the heart of Pastor Josh & Marcia Payne. Several weeks later they were visited by Pastor Payne’s grandparents Jimmy and Joyce Williams. After supper one evening Josh began to share his passion and God’s vision for this new church in Troy, PA. That night Joyce and Jimmy sowed the first $2,100.00 into the ministry that would in a few short weeks become known as Victory Church.

September 12, 2004 was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the family had gathered at Binford’s Pond for a picnic. Dwayne Taylor, who was pastor of the Troy Disciples of Christ Church, attended the picnic along with his wife Genita. Before leaving, they shared how the Church of Christ in Troy was now vacant. The church had its last service that very morning and was closing the doors. Pastor Payne scheduled an appointment with Dwayne to look at the building that Tuesday, September 14. After looking the facility over, everyone was preparing to leave and Reverend Taylor asked, “Are you having church Sunday?”. Needless to say  the opportunity was accepted and preparation began for Sundays service.

Victory Church is Born

Just five days later, September 19, 2004 was the first service for Victory Church held in the very building that housed the former Troy Church of Christ for 120 years. This facility that represented the end for one church provided an opportunity with the birth of another. The first service was full of excitement as 22 people gathered to worship God and grow in His Word. That morning one man accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of his life!

The trustees of the former Troy Church of Christ allowed the fledgling congregation to meet in and occupy the building for the cost of utilities. Immediately after moving in the young congregation started believing God for the building. Friday, March 11 of 2005 the papers were signed and the first facility became the property of Victory Church! Not only did we acquired our first property in five months but we literally did not pay a dollar for it! God provided!

The congregation continued to grow as people came from across the region to this oasis of spiritual nourishment. Victory Church offered life and restored vitality to so many as we pointed people to Jesus Christ.

Growth and Expansion

Within the first 15 months Victory had outgrown its original building. Pastor Payne began seeking property for purchase and a new location for the thriving fellowship to continue expanding.

After negotiations, the Troy Area School District was gracious in offering the local elementary gymnasium as a venue to facilitate the continued growth. On September 30, 2007 Victory Church began to meet in the W.R. Croman Elementary gymnasium.


The increase in space provided for immediate growth and would continue to serve as an interim location until the construction of Victory’s new home was complete. As the church stepped into a new season of growth we also negotiated and purchased 11.68 acres of property for the construction of a brand new facility.

A New Home

As the needs of the congregation for space and areas of interaction increased, the Church launched out full of expectation into a building program.  In late May of 2008  ground was broken on the new parcel of property the church had acquired in Troy atop Paines Hill Road. The new facility was 22,000 square feet and offers a variety of amenities to serve the ministries of Victory.

God has blessed us as a congregation in every way, this church has continued to grow every year and against all odds. In just tens years this movement of God was call Victory Church has grown from a small local congregation into a regional force that is drawing people from 41 different towns. Since 2004 more than 1,800+ people have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. The miraculous growth in every area can only be summed up by saying, “To God Be The Glory, Great Things He Has Done!” Victory Church is committed to reaching the individual needs of each family while meeting the practical and spiritual needs of this community.


Where We Are Now!

God is accomplishing great things through Victory Church.  But remember, the church is not a building. The church is you—it is all of us together. Beyond creating a place for His plans to be carried out, God is creating a people who will carry out His will. He is intimately interested in you and in your becoming the person He has destined you to be. Our prayer is that He will reveal to you the part you will play in this amazing victory! You pray that prayer, too.

…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

Dan 11:32