It’s time to go deeper! As followers of Christ our maturity is mandatory! It’s time for us to step out of the shallows and dive into the deep. We serve a God who is greater than we can even begin to imagine. His depths are beyond our ability to measure or comprehend. I love that, because no matter how long you have walked with Him, or how far you’ve gone with God, no matter how much you have learned about Him, seen, tasted, or even experienced…we still haven’t even began to scratch the surface of who He is. There is a deeper place in God calling out to each of us drawing us closer to His heart. It is a place of intimacy in our walk with the Father that produces victory, maturity, stability, confidence, strength, blessing, fruitfulness. There is an aquifer of living water that runs deep beneath the surface, it is a dependable source of nourishment, refreshment, joy, peace, and rest but you can’t get to it unless you go deeper!