I don’t know about you but I have always been fascinated by a “backstage pass”. A special ticket that gives permission to access an area that is otherwise restricted. These all-access tickets always carry a high price tag and are super sought after. When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden his unrestricted access into the very presence of God was lost. Through sin Satan had totally separated us from the one place we so desperately needed to be. Like a fish out of water, man floundered, gasping for spiritual breath, and awaiting the inevitable…death. That was why Jesus came! It was through a cross that Christ conquered our sin and cleared every obstacle from our path that was preventing us from the presence of God. As a born again believer there is nothing keeping you from walking right into the throne room of God. Jesus threw the door wide open and you have an invitation to come any time day or night. You have an all access pass into the throne room of Heaven right before God Himself. What a privilege! This Friday is more than Good Friday, it was the Greatest Friday! This week we celebrate the incredible love of our Lord Jesus as He showed just how passionate He was and is about you and me.