There is not a person here today who has never faced disappointment or felt discouraged. At some point we have all felt like giving up! Maybe that’s the way you feel today. Satan really thinks if he can just attack you enough, take enough of your stuff, destroy enough lives around you, send enough people to persecute you, or just get the fire hot enough that you will pack your bags and quit on Christ. But he didn’t count on one thing, you know his strategy and you are in it to win it. God has given you a power that is supernatural and infused by the Holy Spirit Himself, its called endurance. This is what keeps us in the race from start to finish. No matter what you face today, fix your eyes on Jesus and set your heart on finishing. Not only can you make it, but you are going to make it and finish your race full of joy. No matter what happens to a champion they finish because they Never Stop Running! That is you!