Pastor Josh Payne

“One encounter with God is all you need! For me that was in 1999 and my life has never been the same. I am absolutely and eternally in love with Jesus Christ because He saw something worth saving, celebrating, and loving in me even when I couldn’t love myself!  It is my deepest desire to honor Him in every area of life.  Marcia and I know what walking with God and discovering His Word has done for our lives that’s  why  we are so excited and honored to have the opportunity to help you find and fulfill your destiny in Christ too!”

Pastor Payne’s passion for Christ and Kingdom expansion is contagious! His heart beats for God’s true treasure, the souls of men and women who are waiting to hear a voice that will call them up, call them out, and call them into their divine destiny. Josh’s style is anointed, authentic, and inspiring. His simple presentation of timeless truths captivates audiences of all ages. With humor, passion, and clarity Josh shows you that living for Christ is about so much more than just getting ready for the last day of your life but living for Jesus is about making the most of everyday of your life.

Co-Pastor Marcia Payne

Marcia is passionately authentic, raw, and hilariously real. No matter where or when you see or hear her you will leave knowing that abundant life is not only available but it’s attainable. She lives “Never Give Up!”. Marcia wholeheartedly believes our best days are ahead of us. She finds joy in meeting the needs of others. She embodies the spirit of excellence in all she does. Marcia’s ability to communicate the Gospel with simplicity and clarity make it so easy for those who are far from God to draw near.   She is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Marcia is an Ordained Minister and serves the Victory family as Co-Pastor with Josh.

Josh and Marcia have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, Anna and Zoe. The passion of their lives is to reach as many people as possible with the love and life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are committed to raising champions and reaping the harvest.