You don’t have to have lived very long to pick up a few scars. Scars are the marks we bear on our bodies after we have suffered a wound, pierce, or a cut. They are the evidence and ugly reminders of pains that we suffered at some point in our past. Scars become a part of who we are, we carry them, and we try to cover them. Scars become a part of our identity and they tell the individual stories of our lives. They tell where we have been and what we have been through. There is something about scars that fascinates us. On the same day Jesus arose triumphant over the grave, He appeared to His disciples. His body was perfect in every way except one…He kept the scars! The very first thing He did was show those scars to His disciples. Jesus scars speak to us, in this dynamic message Pastor Payne will share what those scars are still saying to this day. Jesus kept His scars so you would not have to carry yours!