Building Our Faith

Have you ever faced a situation or a season in your life when you just wished that you had more faith?   Have you ever prayed to God “God give me faith, give me more faith, give me the gift of faith or like the disciples asked Jesus in Luke 17:5 “Increase our faith.”?   The Bible has much to say about increasing our faith. The Spirit filled, Spirit authored pages of God’s Word contains and is the answer to every question and every circumstance that we may face.  This morning we are going to answer the essential questions:  What is Faith?  Where does Faith come from? How do we GROW our Faith? and How do we put our Faith to work for us?

Speaker: Minister John Wile

John was born and raised in Lebanon, PA. He is a graduate of Penn State University in 2002 with a degree in music education.  John was the choral director for 12 years in the Troy Area School District where he had the opportunity to impact the lives of many students for Christ.  John has served faithfully in various capacities at Victory since 2006. He answered the call of God in 2014 to transition from public education into full-time ministry at Victory as a Staff Minister (Worship Arts/Member Care). John\'s passionate presentation of Biblical truths is anointed, authentic, and inspiring.