Defeating Fear Before It Destroys Your Destiny: Part 1- INTIMIDATION

The Bible gives so many very real examples of people just like us who were faced with fear and how they responded. Some conquered fear and fulfilled their divine destiny. Others caved to fear, allowing the enemy to overcome them leaving their lives in ruins. Fear has the power to limit your potential and purpose in life. Fear will keep you from where God is calling you. Faith and fear are opposites but they work the same way. Faith moves mountains while fear creates them. Faith gives us boldness but fear creates cowardice. Faith causes ordinary men to stand tall but fear can cause the strongest of men to curl up into a ball. I believe God wants you to experience deliverance from fear in three specific areas; INTIMIDATION, INSECURITY, and INFERIORITY. Sound familiar? Get ready to break free from these 3 fatal fears and step over into the great things God has prepared for you and promised to you! Now is the time to defeat your fears before they destroy your destiny.

Speaker: Pastor Josh Payne

Pastor Josh has passionately pursued the call of God upon his life for the last 14 years. After two years of evangelism and youth ministry he and Marcia answered the call of God to plant a church in Troy, PA. Pastor Payne has a degree in accounting and finance and is also a graduate of World Harvest Bible College in Columbus, Ohio where he studied Pastoral Ministries. It was there that he met and married his wife Marcia. He is ordained through the World Harvest Ministerial Alliance and Worship Center Ministers Network. Most importantly he has a heart for God, a love for people, and a passion for sharing the Word.