Welcome to the Fight! Every day the bell rings and you must engage in a battle of epic proportions with the adversary of your soul. Satan himself has set out to beat you down day in and day out with doubt, discouragement,
disappointment, and defeat. But God has called you to be a Contender. One who is willing to stand up and fearlessly go toe to toe in a fight for what belongs to you. It is a fight for the life God has created you to live. We are called to contend for the faith, for our future, and for our families. Like it or not you have been born into this battle but you are destined to win! I pray through this series that you receive a divine impartation of boldness that will propel you toward the battle, develop the heart of a champion, understand that down does not mean out, put your flesh in a submission hold, and be instilled with divine confidence to confront and conquer every opponent you face. You may feel like the devil has had you on the
ropes but don’t throw in the towel! You are in the ring with the King and if you don’t quit you cannot lose!