we celebrate the beautiful creature God gave Adam, called wo-man. Life was incomplete without you. You are God’s final and perfect creation. Rough drafts always come before the final masterpiece. God certainly out did Himself with you! A godly woman’s influence on her world is life changing to say the least.  I thought I loved Marcia before we had kids but it wasn’t until after she became a mom that I found an appreciation and love for her on a level I never could have imagined. There is not a more beautiful sight in all the world than the front row seat I have as I watch her minister to the needs of our family. I may be a little biased, but I have never seen or known a better mother than she and I am eternally grateful for the privilege I have to co parent by her side. We want every mom to know that God sees all you do and He loves and treasures your contribution to the Kingdom as you care for His children. Stay strong mighty woman of God and keep going, you are a critical part of our lives!