We know going somewhere new can be intimidating, so check this out: the #1 thing our guest tell us is that coming to Victory just feels like Home! Once you step into this place all the fears fade away and the only question you will be asking is, “why didn’t I come sooner?” That’s why we say ONE TIME IS ALL IT TAKES.


Changed lives changing lives!

We are all about empowering ordinary people to make a big difference every day where you live, work, and play.

Family is forever!


For so many of us the relationships created here are even more like family to us than the people we share the same DNA with. This is a FUNCTIONAL family.

People who love God and love one another.

We genuinely care about you and value our connection. This is a place where everybody is somebody!

We Will Never Waste Your Time.


Our services run about 75 minutes on Sundays and 60 on Wednesdays. Your time is priceless and we will never waste it.

Kids Come First

Jesus made room for kids in his ministry and we do too. Every Sunday we provide your kids with activities, crafts, crayons, or coloring books. Let them sprawl out and get comfortable. You will be blown away at how much they will receive on Sundays. In 15 years we have never stopped a Sunday because of a disruptive child. SO RELAX! We love you and your kids.

Messages That Make Sense On Monday Morning.

Our goal is to help you follow Jesus by simply living what you learn. You will never leave one of our gatherings wondering what we were trying to say. Our dynamic style and simple presentation of timeless truths captivate audiences of all ages. Every message is powerful, personal, and practical leaving you feeling like somehow someone knew exactly what you needed to hear that week.

Music That Moves You!

Our praise is passionate and immersive. It will ignite your heart and become the soundtrack of your life. You will find it almost impossible to resist expressing your love for Jesus in song. Don’t be nervous, the song lyrics will be on giant screens so you can easily read them and follow along. Sounds like a giant karaoke with Jesus! Seriously, the songs are so good you will find yourself singing them throughout your week. Our decibel levels are closely monitored and always safe.

Come As You Are.

God cares more about what is on the inside than what is on the outside, so the way you dress is not our priority. We don’t really care what you wear as long as you are wearing SOMETHING!

Sunday Breakfast Hot & Fresh!

We value your time and the opportunity to share Sunday mornings with you. That’s why the MilkHouse Café, located in our lobby, is always stocked with hot coffee & tea, cold juice, fresh locally baked donuts, and lots of muffins. It’s always FREE! Our way of saying, “Thanks for getting up, getting out, and connecting with Victory today.”

Directions to Victory Church

Victory Church is located at 645 East Main Street, Troy, PA 16947.


SUNDAY @ 9:00AM & 11:00AM

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